Richard Reed Parry

The Quiet River of Dust

European premiere

The live concert “The Quiet River of Dust” based on the namesake solo album by Richard Reed Parry, the polymath multi-instrumentalist at the heart of the cult band Arcade Fire. The European premiere of his audiovisual concert, specifically designed for the full-dome, will be hold in co-operation with International Summer Festival Kampnagel.

Richard Reed Parry: “Quiet River of Dust”

Richard Reed Parry: “Quiet River of Dust”. Live concert

© JF Lalonde

Past Dates

Inspired by a stay in a Buddhist monastery, the sounds he heard on his long walks through the snowy woods on Mount Kōya in Japan reminded Parry of the folk music he had heard in his childhood. Music full of open space, quietude, cicadas, echoes and the sounds of nature.

The immersive sonic environments of his visit to Japan led Richard Reed Parry to the folk song form of his new songs that tell of disappearing villages, ecstatic wind storms, departing family members, cyclical rivers, spirit radios and endless rain. A story emerged of a boy travelling to the seaside with his parents, disappearing into the ocean and his body dissolving into the molecules of the enormous body of water in which he swam – a sudden transformation into all the elements of the natural world.

In the manner of the both real and mythical river Sai No Kawara Parry gave his collection of songs the title “The Quiet River of Dust”. The “River of Death” is a mythical place where children who die before their parents go to wait before travelling on to an afterworld and also a real one where parents who have lost a child go to grieve and pray. Parry’s music includes the dense orchestral textures of Arcade Fire and Bell Orchestre as well as the boundary-pushing instrumental work of his neoclassical solo compositions. Together with the team from the Canadian Society for Arts and Technology (SAT) he has created a hypnotic live experience for a sonically and visually immersive dome environment that will be performed in Europe for the first time as part of “The New Infinity” at the Planetarium Hamburg.

with Richard Reed Parry, Corwin Fox, Stefan Schneider, Laurel Sprengelmeyer & Jordy Walker

Conceived and produced by Richard Reed Parry & Ryhna Thompson
Directed by JF Lalonde & Richard Reed Parry
Filmed by Richard Reed Parry
Motion designer & assistant direction Christelle Bellini
Visual Dramaturge Anita Rochon
Monologue performed by Yuka Honda
Monologue filmed by Kaveh Nabatian
Production Manager Brian Neuman
Live sound mix Harris Shper
Live video mix Christelle Bellini
Producer Ryhna Thompson
SAT Team Louis-Philippe St- Arnault, Dominic Paquin, David Chevrier, Mourad Bennacer, Sean Caruso, Alexandre Auché, Joseph Lefevre, Marine Gourit, Sarah Delmorme, Maryse Bernard, Amélie Moise, Phillipe Duguay-Blais

This project received the support of the creation program of works from the Society for Arts and Technology (SAT).

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European premiere in co-operation with International Summer Festival Kampnagel