Family Workshop

Part of the exhibition “Bani Abidi: They Died Laughing”

  • 120 min
  • In German

Which impulses do Bani Abidi’s works give to create alternative perspectives on and for the everyday environment? The artist sees herself as a “persevering observer and urban archeologist”. A security barrier is also an obstacle, a staircase also a place to sit. Ambivalent interpretations of objects or situations, fabricated characters and roles are central to her artistic work. Photography and moving images capture reality and rearrange it. How do perspective, colour or shot set-up affect the expressiveness of the images?

A tour of the exhibition and analyses of the photographic and selected film works in particular pose questions on Abidi's approach to images, shifts and montage. The artist's camera often focuses on seemingly unimportant areas, directing the gaze to edges and marginal figures. Equipped with camera and sketchpad, we then roam through the Lichthof of the Gropius Bau. We want to sharpen our eye for detail and try out different recording techniques on varying motifs. How do the images complement or contradict each other? What is my perspective and how does it relate to others? What happens when we share our perspectives with each other and what do our perspectives share with each other?