Uncanny Valley

Schrit_tmacher GENERATION2 Co-Laboration

How does the use of technology shape us? What changes do our bodies have to face in times of digitalisation? And how do we behave and feel with regards to technical achievements that are questioning our reality and our collectivity? Based on these questions and with an unobstructed perspective, “Uncanny Valley” explores the impact of digitalisation on our bodies, our interactions and our presence.

Uncanny Valley

Uncanny Valley

© AMAZE / Oliver Stroemer

  • 50 min, without interval

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“Uncanny Valley” was created during a four-month collaboration between six young dancers and a choreographer. Following a selection process in November 2018, a team of young people from different cities from the Dutch province of Limbourg and from North Rhine-Westphalia came together. Their initial encounter was followed by partner work, trust and movement exercises, improvisation and story-telling. We talked about the pros and cons of a digitalisation that urges us to live in algorithmic worlds and about how these worlds are connected to our own longings, dreams, hopes, and fears. Imagination and sensory perception played an important role during rehearsals. Everything around us and everything inside us became part of the choreography. “Uncanny Valley” breaks through the boundaries between performers and audience, making us all part of the same story. It is an experimental arrangement that aims to re-establish balance in this digital era.



By and with Ronja Luka Bellhoff, Femke Brons, Sharon Habets, Maria Isabel Luege Marvan, Mohamed Ben Salah, Jerome Schickschneit

Artistic Director /Choreography Lin Verleger
Physical Rhythm Jimi Renfro
Composition Marie-Christin Sommer, Ophelia Sullivan
Lighting Design Maud Wedick, Emma Zaalberg
Costume Design Lin Verleger
Production Management / Dramaturgical Accompaniment Yvonne Eibig

Uncanny Valley. Video trailer

© Schrit_tmacher GENERATION2 Co-Laboration

A co-production for the Schrit_tmacher festival GENERATION2 by: Kulturbetrieb der Stadt Aachen, Parkstad Limburg Theaters and Huis voor de Kunsten Limburg