Knochenbrecher Crew

Three girls and their common experiences and environments are at the centre of “GOLD”. Sometimes it can be about being the best at Top Rock-moves, next it is about the group breaking apart because Halil, one of the girls, is deported. Yasmina speaks five languages; she hears everything and talks a lot. She has an explosive movement vocabulary and great stamina. Eda is very small, quiet, observant and diligent; she wants to be a doctor. Marsilda is much taller and older; she is very creative, especially when it comes to the others, also in “Gold”.



© Ronald Spratte

  • 20 min, without interval

Past Dates

The group doesn’t always stick together by choice; a wide range of languages, cultures and traditions are represented. Sometimes the parents prevent their children from taking part, at other times they are the ones who welcome this wide range of support for their children and urge them to go. The potential of these intricately connected stories is staged in “Gold”. Character traits, wishes and conflicts within the group find immediate expression.

The company emerged from the inclusion project Knochenbrecher Crew from the Berlin district of Reinickendorf. This breakdance initiative was founded in 2017 and consists of around 10 children with or without refugee experience; for the most part, they (still) live in provided accommodation.


By and with Eda Altug, Yasmina Murtazalieva, Marsilda Turtulli

Artistic Director Viola Luise Barner