da waren noch die anderen

Bühne Art&shok e.V. / Tanztheater GRAZIA

New ideas bring changes, sometimes desired and sometimes unexpected. But how do new ideas spread and what affects not only this spreading, but also the idea itself? Can an idea and the ensuing changes be stopped once they have gathered momentum?

da waren noch die anderen

da waren noch die anderen

© Roman Eichhorst

  • 12 min, without interval

Past Dates

The dancers of Tanztheater GRAZIA take these questions as a point of departure for a piece about the phenomenon of the spread of an issue. At the beginning of our project, we focused on breaking out of our habitual movements. We improvised together in a circle: One by one, we had to initiate spontaneous movements, which were copied by everyone and developed further by the next person. This process continued over several rounds and training units. We could feel that our readiness for experimentation increased and we managed to find a common dynamic of movement.

Together with our trainer Alexander, we tried to find simple, but expressive images in our choreographic ideas and made sure that they left enough time and space to allow an effect to emerge. We had many discussions in the colloquium and we developed, tested and discarded lots of ideas until we found the definitive form.

Tanztheater GRAZIA is associated with Verein Bühne art&shoK e.V. and enables children and young people to express themselves through dance and creativity.


By and with Daniel Ahmetzanov, Emilia Czajkowski, Elisabeth Faber, Nicole Friedrich, Michelle Gottselig, Julia Heffel, Karina Kaucher, Robert Khodis, Laura Nicole Kisselmann, Anja Maria Knippenberg, Lydia Koch, Stepan Konoplev, Marcel Mamedov, Alexander Rempel, Angelina Schwarz

Choreography Alexander Varekhine