Check out your mate

Kids-Gruppe der Kindertanzcompany von Sasha Waltz & Guests

Opposites collide in “Check out your Mate”: The audience watch an exciting game between two groups whose members duel each other in dance.

Check out your mate

Check out your mate

© Eva Radünzel-Kitamura

  • 30 min, without interval

Past Dates

Developed from the idea of the game of chess, every performance creates new, spontaneous and unplanned pairings on the field. The dancers bring knights, bishops and rooks to life, the teams outdo each other with their movements. Which team shows the coolest moves? Who will be the winner?

The dancers developed and defined the topic of “Check out your mate” in a dialogue with choreographer Gabriel Galindes Cruz. The Kids’ Group is one of four groups in the children’s dance company of Sasha Waltz. It is currently made up of 24 children between 10 and 14 years of age.


By and with Friedrich Briegel, Nika Brovot, Lou Czaia, Lola Yael Dickgreber, Gemma Fiedler, Frida Gabriel, Gavalda Grüntuch, Sylvester Hockings, Ricarda Holzapfel, Caia Leseure, Enno Luncke, Josephine Martingell, Effie Mauler, Nola Lee Meyer, Emilio Münch, Jonathan Nöhring, Ophelia Maria Onyeukwu, Sophie Ott, Linda Pannitschka, Niklas Pau Schüler, Nima Amir Thiem, Rosa Vasila, Sara Weigand, Dora Zygouri

Conceived and choreographed by Gabriel Galindez Cruz
Assistance Repetition Iris Gonzalez Crespo
Stage Design and Props Thomas Schenk
Costume Design Federico Polucci
Costume Team Margaretha Heller, Jasmin Lepore, Stephanie Tiersch
Lighting Design Arnaud Poumarat
Sound Giorgio Di Santis
Music Hauschka, album “Abandoned City” (City Slang): “Elizabeth Bay”, ”Thames Town“ , album “Salon des Amateurs” (Universal Music GmbH): “Radar”;
Hauschka & Hillary Hahn, album “Silfra” (Bosworth Music GmbH): “Bounce Bounce”, “Stillness”

Production Management Education & Community Emilie Guérin
Head Administration and Finances Stephan Schmidt
Board of Directors Sasha Waltz, Jochen Sandig, Bärbel Kern

Check out your mate. Video trailer

© Kids-Gruppe der Kindertanzcompany von Sasha Waltz & Guests