ACADEMY Bühnenkunstschule und Produktionshaus für Jugendliche

What is closeness, what is intimacy? How far do you want to go? How close to you want to get? Is it only a physical thing? Do you even want this? With whom is it possible, and where? These questions stood at the beginning: ten young people and a wish to create a dance piece together, to search for answers to the question of intimacy.



© Etienne Girardet

  • 1 h 20 min, without interval

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How it works, what it needs and whether it is even important at all – these were the things that the company of the ACADEMY Bühnenkunstschule für Jugendliche in Berlin-Kreuzberg explored and slowly got in touch with, quite literally.

“#8 NAHESTEHEN | NAHEGEHEN” is the eighth performance by the ACADEMY production house. The members of the company asked themselves many questions and experimented with their own feelings and the relationships between themselves and with others. Movements, experiments and texts emerged from this open approach and led to the development of “#8 NAHESTEHEN | NAHEGEHEN”, a piece that invites the audience to join them in their search.


By and with Paulina Alvensleben, Junko Forck, Felipa Goltz, Jonathan Hilliger, Anuschka Loose, Emma Scharff, Samuel Siepmann, Janek Sommerfeldt, Nathalie Wedlat, Émile Wendt

Directed and choreographed by Rachel Hameleers and Eliane Hutmacher
Assistance Emilia Forck
Music Valentin Merk