Junior Company Bonn – They Might Be Giants

Your gaze meets that of the others, you circle each other, move together, energetically, ecstatically. You’re not dancing alone, you dance your way into the scene and it dances with you. Whether you’re in the centre or on the sides – you will all meet, because you are all audience, you are all performers. Solos, duets, trios, quartets create a constantly shifting and always fresh focus: from the individual body to the collective and vice versa.



© Klaus Fröhlich

  • 40 min, without interval

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Junior Company Bonn is a youth ensemble of Cocoondance Company from Bonn. It was founded in 2012 and has been working with children and young people between the ages of 8 to 18 years ever since. “FOKUS” is Junior Company Bonn’s sixth production. At the beginning of rehearsals for “FOKUS”, there was a long phase where everyone was asked to wear headphones and find their own qualities, their own dance style. Nothing was choreographed or predetermined. A question emerged: What does it mean to stand at the centre, in the focus. We took our inspiration from urban battle circles, which is why circles play a significant role in our piece. Since everyone has a solo in the piece, rehearsals were often very intense and everyone had the opportunity to make a contribution to the whole. From these two core questions – “What is the quality?” and “What does it mean to be in the focus?” – a performance made up entirely out of our own movements emerged over the course of a year.


By and with Pauline Dicks, Favour Eroboyi, Dimitrij Fleischmann, Amand Herzceg, Patricia Hochstatter, Lucy Hooge, Jan Lukas Knecht, Lola Kornbrust, Clara Krueger, Emilia Lichte, Anna Nowak, Torben Pakleppa, Maris Pauka, Milon Pauka, Marco Pfister, Charlotte Reinhold, Marja Riekenbrauk, Anna Risters, Jonas Schuman, Anouk Seiters, Carolin Straube, Luna Vesga Vargas

Choreography Rafaële Giovanola
Composition Jörg Ritzenhoff
Costumes Fa-Hsuan Chen
Lighting Design Sirko Lamprecht
Assistance/Coaching Leonardo Rodrigues, Fa-Hsuan Chen, Marcelo Omine
Research Rainald Endrass

FOKUS. Video trailer

© Junior Company Bonn - They Might Be Giants