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KIM Collective

Garden of Hyphae

As the self-proclaimed fungus of Jazzfest Berlin, this year KIM Collective rises from the subterranean and spread its roots across the Foyer of the Festspielhaus for a two-day, continually evolving installation. On Friday evening, KIM Collective will transmit pre-recorded sounds, text snippets, and musical material from the Jazzfest Berlin.

KIM Collective

KIM Collective

© Liz Kosack

Past Dates

Formed in 2013, Berlin’s KIM Collective is a 13-strong crew of improvisers and composers from numerous communities of the city’s creative music scene that blithely eschews any sort of stylistic or hierarchical boundaries. For most of its history the collective has performed in smaller sub-groups, but at Jazzfest Berlin 2018 the entire line-up came together for the first time in a spectacular installative performance beneath the main stage of Haus der Berliner Festspiele, in which the players, festooned in elaborate masks created by member Liz Kosack, processed live sounds from concerts occurring above them interwoven with their own real-time playing to create an unforgettably immersive experience between and after the sets upstairs.

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KIM Collective:
Max Andrzejewski, Paul Berberich, Brad Henkel, Simon Kanzler, Liz Kosack, Raphael Meinhart, Dora Osterloh, Julia Reidy, Otis Sandsjö, Max Santner, Georg Schütky, Elias Stemeseder, Dan Peter Sundland, Laura Winkler

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