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Prize awarded to Paul Lovens
Concert with Paul Lovens and Florian Stoffner

This year, Deutsche Jazzunion will award the Albert-Mangelsdorff-Prize for the 14th time. This year’s awardee is the drummer Paul Lovens, who will improvise with the guitarist Florian Stoffner.

Trophy of the Albert Mangelsdorff Preis

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German drummer Paul Lovens is a towering figure in free improvisation, a percussionist who devised his own inscrutable language to interact with his multifarious collaborators – challenging, goading, and responding them in real-time with a simultaneously musical and disruptive presence. His jazz roots are undeniable, but coupled with his ability to foment chaos on the fly while maintaining a refined ensemble orientation his playing stands alone. He has been a crucial member of some of Europe’s most important and exploratory groups including Globe Unity Orchestra, Schlippenbach Trio, and September Band, to say nothing of ad hoc assemblages with the likes of Mats Gustafsson, Philip Wachsmann, Günter Christmann, and Thomas Lehn, among others. He will improvise with the young Swiss guitarist Florian Stoffner, whose jagged, spindly style melded beautifully with Lovens’ displaced pulsations and the rheumy bass clarinet lines of Rudi Mahall on the 2017 album “Mein Freund der Baum”.

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Paul Lovens drums
Florian Stoffner guitar

A Deutsche Jazzunion event as a part of Jazzfest Berlin.

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