Phase Transition

Aki Sasamato

Part of the exhibition Walking Through Walls

Phase Transition, a newly commissioned work, consists of a sculpture and a performance, in which artist Aki Sasamoto traces a childhood memory.

Aki Sasamoto, “random memo random”, 2016

Aki Sasamoto, “random memo random”, 2016. Performance still 3rd Kochi-Muziris Biennale, Kochi, India, 2016

© Aki Sasamoto, courtesy: Take Ninagawa, Tokyo

Past Dates

Sasamoto remembers as a child pressing her ear hard against the floor in an attempt to hear a conversation between family members on the floor below. Referring to this early experience of separation, the artist makes use of a broken staircase, which has been dislodged from its landing, as well as a balcony, which hangs high on one of the gallery walls. These elements become a performative tool for the artist to reflect and evoke her own experience of domestic estrangement. Phase Transition is part of the exhibition Walking Through Walls.