Artist Talk and Screening

Wu Tsang & Stephanie Rosenthal

Part of the exhibition Wu Tsang: There is no nonviolent way to look at somebody

Wu Tsang uses performance and collaboration as a strategy to undo traditional power dynamics within documentary filmmaking. The screening will begin with a conversation between Wu Tsang and Stephanie Rosenthal, director of the Gropius Bau.

Wu Tsang, “Into A Space Of Love”, 2018

Wu Tsang, “Into A Space Of Love”, 2018. Single-channel HD video, stereo sound, 26 min

Courtesy: Frieze & GUCCI

Past Dates

Films screened:
DAMELO TODO (Give Me Everything), 2010–2011, 20 min.
Into a Space of Love, 2018, 26 min.

The film Into A Space of Love explores the legacies of house music rooted in the New York Underground of the 1970s. Like many other movements, House was created by queer, black and brown communities before it was appropriated by the mainstream.

DAMELO TODO (Give Me Everything) is set at the Silver Platter, a Latinx Queer Bar in LA. Against the backdrop of queer struggles, the film involves stories of trans women who are trying to find refuge and survival in another country.

Wu Tsang (*1982, US) was the first artist to be the Gropius Bau’s In House: Artist in Residence. Between 4 September 2019 and 12 January 2020 her exhibition There is no nonviolent way to look at somebody is on display on the first floor.