In House: Artist in Residence – Otobong Nkanga

The Act of Building

BC architects & studies

Architect and material technologist Ken De Cooman talks about the work of research-based architecture office BC architects & studies centred upon regional material technologies and active community involvement. The talk is part of Carved to Flow: Germination by In House: Artist in Residence Otobong Nkanga, co-curated with Maya Tounta.

© BC architects & studies

© BC architects & studies

  • Duration: 2 h
  • In English

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The act of building is at once action and narrative. It is the complex effort of a community to erect its infrastructures, spanning across skillsets and demographics, across materials and technologies. It generates impact and expresses the values and ideas of a broad network around a specific project.

BC architects & studies aim to interrogate the act of building by broadening their design process to include material production, contracting, storytelling, knowledge transfer and community organisation.

BC stands for Brussels Cooperation and points to how BC architects, studies and materials grew, embedded within a place and people. BC starts from architecture, and through research, experimentation and development of expertise moves to material production and contracting. As a hybrid office, BC manoeuvres the boundaries of these disciplines in “a doer's manner”.