Film and talk

Mein Leben – Die Fotografin Sibylle Bergemann

With Sabine Michel, Frieda and Lily von Wild, moderated by Till Fellrath

Part of the exhibition Walking Through Walls

On the occasion of the group exhibition Walking Through Walls, which features black and white photographs by Sibylle Bergemann, the Gropius Bau shows the documentary Mein Leben – Die Fotografin Sibylle Bergemann (DE 2011, 45 min.). The film is followed by a conversation between director Sabine Michel, Frieda von Wild and Lily von Wild, the artist's daughter and granddaughter, which is moderated by curator Till Fellrath.

Sibylle Bergemann © IT WORKS!

Sibylle Bergemann © IT WORKS!

  • In German

Past Dates

Eight small black and white photographs by Sibylle Bergemann discreetly punctuate the exhibition space of Walking Through Walls. Taken between November 1989, around the time when the Berlin Wall fell, and the early months of 1990 these images capture a fleeting moment in the life of a city that was about to change forever, creating a subtle thread that addresses a short-lived, yet crucial episode in German history.

Sibylle Bergemann was part of a generation of East German photographers who sought a mode of visual expression that operated outside the aesthetics and subjects that were endorsed by the GDR. Beyond a simple repository of knowledge, Bergemann’s unassuming photographs capture at once the hope and anxiety of Berlin and its inhabitants at this historic moment of transition.