Talking about Change

How Do We Want to Work?

In the third edition of the discussion series “Talking about Change”, Michael Akinlaton, Fabian Hinrichs, Christoph Magnussen and Anna Ott talk about the future of work.

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We will provide free childminding in the Festspielhaus-Foyer during this event.

Work is a part of our lives. What exactly determines whether we work with self-determination and creativity or are dictated by shift schedules? Are we successful if we are available around the clock? Or if we can combine professional single-mindedness with free time for our families and physical and mental well-being? Do agile management, diverse workforces and flat hierarchies provide solutions for the new requirements that we face?

Or to look at it from the other side: Have we internalised capitalist logics to such an extent that we can hardly imagine a life beyond so-called gainful employment? Or is this a luxury debate to distract us from the real challenge: creating beneficial conditions for physically arduous labour? Who is left to do this work after we as a society have become lazy?

Our discussion series “Talking about Change” brings together people from diverse walks of life. The issue of this event: How do we want to work? Interaction with the audience is expressly welcomed at this discussion, held in the fishbowl-format on the stage of the Festspielhaus.

The event will be broadcast live on the digital channel “Deutschlandfunk – Dokumente und Debatten” as well as at a later time as part of the programme “Stunde 1”.


Michael Akinlaton mail carrier with Deutsche Post, former Chairman of the Works Council at DHL Delivery, former member of Group Works Council
Fabian Hinrichs actor and author
Christoph Magnussen entrepreneur, YouTube and New Work enthusiast
Anna Ott talent acquisition expert
Moderation Christine Watty Deutschlandfunk Kultur

An event of Deutscher Kulturrat, Deutscher Gewerkschaftsbund, Initiative kulturelle Integration and Berliner Festspiele in collaboration with Deutschlandfunk Kultur.

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