Film still from “A Sunny Day”

Film still from “A Sunny Day”

Sundays for Hong Kong

A Sunny Day

Short film, HK/NL 2016, DCP
Directed by Ying Liang

Ying Liang, a celebrated, independent Chinese filmmaker, created a beautiful and moving short which reflects on a historical event through a personal angle.

  • 25 min
  • In Cantonese with English subtitles

Hong Kong, 28 September 2014. In the early morning of this Sunday, the “Occupy Central Movement” together with the “Love and Peace Movement” starts a sit-in around Central district. Later that day, the police fires tear gas on the demonstrators, who protect themselves with umbrellas. The attacks spurs as many as hundred thousand citizens to pour into the streets in protest over the next few days.

At this memorable Sunday morning, a young woman visits her father, whom she has not seen for a while. Her plan is to have lunch with him before the Umbrella Movement reaches a critical juncture.