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Journey to Beijing

Documentary film, HK/CN 1998, 35 mm
Directed by Evans Chan

A four-month march from Hong Kong to Beijing in the spring of 1997 serves as a prism through which Evans Chan observes the varied counter-currents that emerged in Hong Kong as a reaction to the handover of the former British crown colony to China.

Film still from “Journey to Beijing”

Film still from “Journey to Beijing”

  • 112 min
  • In Cantonese and English as well as Mandarin with German subtitles

Past Dates

With a bitter-sweet look at the final moments of a long historical development, the director lets individual participants tell their stories, including a former pilot who once flew Deng Xiaoping, a woman who experienced the dissolution of the Soviet Union and a man who wants to test his love for his wife through a separation.

Apart from the images that document the course of the hike – from Mao’s birthplace along the Yellow River to Tiananmen Square – “Journey to Beijing” grants impressions of the changing city of Hong Kong with its artists and entrepreneurs, its environmental issues and its political expatriates …