The Kühn Brothers. Jazz across Borders

Film by Stephan Lamby
DE/CH/AT 2019

Documentary film maker Stephan Lamby shows the lives of two German jazz greats from the same family: Rolf Kühn, a master of the jazz clarinet, has worked with luminaries of jazz including Benny Goodman and Count Basie. The internationally renowned piano virtuoso Joachim Kühn is of the same artistic stature. Both his trio with Jean-François Jenny-Clark and Daniel Humair and his duo with the free-jazz icon Ornette Coleman are legendary. To this day, he explores new avenues with his music

Joachim Kühn, Rolf Kühn

Joachim Kühn, Rolf Kühn

© ZDF / Steffen Bohnert

  • 89 min
  • In German with English subtitles

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