Noise from the outside

Part of We’ll be making lots of noise

Particularly suited for families, this workshop takes a closer look at the Gropius Bau’s surroundings as part of the educational project We'll be making lots of noise. The workshop participants will explore the noises coming from the nearby neighbourhood and try to reproduce them as sounds and pictures, using their voices, instruments and objects.

© Catriona Shaw, Frèd Bigot, 2019

  • In English and German
  • Open for all ages

Past Dates

Limited capacity. Registration via .

Specially conceived for the Gropius Bau, the project We’ll be making lots of noise explores the production and perception of noise in its various forms. In addition to a stage area, the Gropius Bau’s spaces will also be outfitted with noise machines and a listening station, which will continue to evolve as part of the events.

Artist Catriona Shaw and musician Frèd Bigot have been working together since 2002 in the context of various art, sound and educational projects. They performed and exhibited at numerous international institutions, clubs and festivals including Fondation Cartier, Guggenheim Museum Bilbao and Berghain. They have also run diverse engagement and participation projects for schools, museums and galleries since 2009.