Orquesta Experimental de Instrumentos Nativos, PHØNIX16

MaerzMusik 2020 will open with an extraordinary encounter: Together, the Bolivian Experimental Orchestra for Indigenous Instruments (OEIN) and the Berlin vocal collective PHØNIX16 will develop a project that combines the pre-Colombian musical culture of the Aymara with experimental vocals.

Wiphala, rainbow flag

Wiphala, rainbow flag. Symbol of the indigenous population of Bolivia, Peru and others


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Strobe effects are used during the performance. At certain lightning frequencies, epileptic seizures may be triggered. Epileptics or those at risk of epilepsy should stay away from the stroboscopic illumination area.

MaerzMusik 2020 opens with an extraordinary musical encounter. The Bolivian Experimental Orchestra of Indigenous Instruments (OEIN) and the Berlin-based voice collective PHØNIX16 embark on a joint artistic journey around the concept of “environment” in its multi-layered meaning – the social, the natural, the political, the philosophical, the acoustic, and as an artistic form and practice. Founded in 1980, the OEIN is a unique contemporary music formation based in La Paz. Their practice is rooted in the pre-Columbian musical culture of the Aymara, while their means of artistic expression is experimental music. Together with PHØNIX16, who are known for their daring work of high musical intensity and quality, the two ensembles – altogether over 30 musicians and vocalists – set out to find common ground in mutual change through a joint process of research and experimentation, while acknowledging cultural difference and the complex legacy of colonialism.


Bernard Parmegiani
De Natura Sonorum
[a] live version for voices and indigenous instruments (1975/2020)
World premiere

Marisol Jiménez
Cantos del Arenal
for voices and indigenous instruments (2020)
World premiere

Carlos Gutiérrez Quiroga
New Work
for voices and indigenous instruments (2020)
World premiere

Beatriz Ferreyra
Rios del Sueño
[a] live version for voices and indigenous instruments (1998 – 2000 / 2020)
World premiere


Orquesta Experimental de Instrumentos Nativos (OEIN)

Timo Kreuser concept & artistic director
Carlos Gutiérrez Quiroga artistic director
Philipp Hartmann films
Komposter Kollektiv (Luka Umek, Akaša Bojič) video
Alice Biemann lighting design
Sonia Lescène production management

With the support of Berliner Künstlerprogramm des DAAD, Ernst von Siemens Musikstiftung, Goethe Institut (International Coproduction Fund), Musikfonds e. V. / BKM, Senate Department for Culture and Europe Berlin and Bundes- und Landesmusikakademie Rheinsberg. Thanks to the Goethe-Instituts São Paulo, La Paz and Lima and Air Europa.
In collaboration with Hellerau – European Centre for the Arts Dresden.

Recording Deutschlandfunk Kultur, broadcast date: 24.3.2020, 20:03 “Im Konzert”