Concert & Reading

Time Immemorial

In a combination of readings and concerts, this evening will trace stories about the origins of the world from a wide range of different cultures, inviting us to set out on a journey through time.

Textile art of the Shipibo

Textile art of the Shipibo


Past Dates

This evening of readings and concerts revolves around the idea of the beginning of time. Narratives from a multiplicity of languages, cultures and historical contexts interweave with intimate sonic fabrics to draw a landscape of ideas about the origin of the world, of the universe, and of time itself. Whether ancient creation myths, cosmogonies, or current scientific theories, every culture creates stories that account for that which we cannot know. Alongside their poetics, these stories reveal their inventors’ relation to the world, their philosophies, desires, assumptions, imaginaries, and politics. “Of Time Immemorial” invites you to settle down for a while and to listen to sounds and stories of worlds past, present, and future.


Time Immemorial
Narratives of the beginning (of time)

Cassandra Miller & Juliet Fraser
Modules from Tracery
for meditating singer and tape (2017 – 2020)
World premiere
Juliet Fraser voice

Ícaros Shipibo
Shipibo Songs
Maestra Laura Lopez-Sanchez voice

Sofia Jernberg
Improvisations on Time Immemorial
Sofia Jernberg voice

Myriam Van Imschoot
for voice (2020)
Myriam Van Imschoot voice