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Ensemble PHACE / Film

An evening of haunting music and intense emotions, featuring a composition by Pierluigi Billone performed by the Viennese ensemble PHACE and a film by Belgian artist Myriam Van Imschoot.

Artist duo 0512, sonagram of the word Allah

Artist duo 0512, sonagram of the word Allah

© 0512

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A two-part evening dedicated to the deep space of the female voice. The hour-long composition “FACE Dia.De” by Pierluigi Billone (*1960) is the latest result of a long-standing collaboration between the Italian composer and the Viennese ensemble PHACE. Billone's music can be understood as a journey between moments that are “ritually opened and closed again”. Each of these moments “carves” a space within the voice and the chant, says the composer. To call it a “cultic space” might go too far, but the intensity of Billone’s musical events, the strong physicality and corporeality of his scores and their specific flow of energy, create a primordial pull that carries ritualistic qualities. Part two of this evening presents a film by Belgian artist Myriam Van Imschoot. “Le Cadeau” recalls stories of migration, joy, assault and revolt, following the vocal practice of the “youyou” or “zagharit”, a shrill trill that is used by women in North-Africa and the “Middle East” to express joy and other intense emotions.


Pierluigi Billone
for 2 female voices and 8 soloists (2019)
Commissioned by PHACE, Wien Modern and Berliner Festspiele / MaerzMusik – Festival for Time Issues.

Anna Clare Hauf voice
Annette Schönmüller voice

Michael Krenn, saxophone
Stefan Obmann, trombone
Tom Pauwels, electric guitar
Mathilde Hoursiangou, piano
Alex Lipowski & Igor Gross, percussion
Roland Schueler, cello
Alexandra Dienz, double bass
Fredi Reiter, sound direction

Emilio Pomàrico conductor

Le Cadeau
A Film by Myriam Van Imschoot and YouYou Group Brussels
With Anissa Rouas, Fatiha El Mrabet, Malika Mderreg, Sarah Léo
BE 2018, 48 min
In Arabic & French with English subtitles

Trailer for “Le Cadeau”

PHACE is supported by SKE-Fonds (Austro Mechana), Federal Chancellery Republic of Austrian (Section Arts and Culture) and Cultural Department of the City of Vienna
“Le Cadeau”: With the support of Vlaamse Gemeenschap, Vlaamse Gemeenschapscommissie, Darna Expres