Star Trail Photo (detail)

Star Trail Photo (detail)

© Martin Strump

Concert & Audiovisual Performance

Trilogie de la Mort / Non-Face

An exceptional experience: “Trilogie de la Mort”, a milestone of minimalist electro-acoustic music, will resound through the large Zeiss-Planetarium. Éliane Radigue’s three-hour-long cycle was inspired by the “Tibetan Book of the Dead”.

Past Dates

With “Trilogy de la Mort”, MaerzMusik presents one of the masterpieces of the French electronic music pioneer Éliane Radigue (*1932), diffused by François J. Bonnet aka Kassel Jaeger under the starry dome of Europe’s most modern science theatre. A landmark of minimalism and deep listening, the three-hour cycle was created between 1988 and 1993 and is inspired by texts from the Buddhist “Bardo Thodol”, The Tibetan Book of the Dead. Time-defeating music that has been described as at the same time monu- mental and infinitely discreet. In the first part of the evening, the Berlin sound artist Robert Lippok (*1966) and the Argentinian digital artist Lucas Gutierrez (*1985) perform a live version of their work “Non-Face”, which provides the visual identity of MaerzMusik 2020. Putting the Zeiss Great Planetarium’s cutting-edge audio-visual technology on full display, “Non-Face” explores a field of mathematics that also serves as an inspiration for Éliane Radigue's work: non-manifold geo- metry, where objects look realistic but cannot exist in the real world.


23.3.: 19:00 / 24.3.: 20:00
Robert Lippok & Lucas Gutierrez
World premiere

Robert Lippok music
Lucas Gutierrez video

23.3.: 20:00 / 24.3.: 21:00
Éliane Radigue
Trilogie de la Mort
Musique pour ARP Synthesizer en 3 chapitres
Music for ARP synthesizer in 3 chapters

Chapitre I: Kyema
Chapitre II: Kailasha
Chapitre III: Koume


François J. Bonnet sound direction

Thanks to Stiftung Planetarium Berlin