This three-part concert will begin with an exploration of the acoustic capabilities of the Parochialkirche by bagpipe-virtuoso Erwan Keravec, who will perform works by Heiner Goebbels, Philip Glass and Éliane Radigue. Twelve performers will transform the church’s interior into a magical space with a collective composition based on North African vocal techniques. And finally, Mark Andre’s work “rwḥ 1”, performed by Ensemble Resonanz, will activate the venue’s nature of a sacred space.

Parochialkirche Berlin, view into the open roof framework 2018

Parochialkirche Berlin, view into the open roof framework 2018

Photo: Sol Octobris, Wikemedia Commons

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The Parochialkirche – Berlin’s oldest Protestant church – is the impressive setting of this three-part concert. In its beginning, Erwan Keravec (*1974) opens new dimensions to the ancient instrument of the bagpipes. Heiner Goebbels (*1952), Philip Glass (*1937) and Éliane Radigue (*1932) have each uniquely sounded out what this seemingly traditional instrument can do: astonishing sounds and textures that form a bridge between immemorial sonic recollection and contemporary expression. The night continues with Myriam Van Imschoot’s (*1969) collective vocal piece “YOUYOUYOU”, which draws upon the vernacular custom of the “youyou” and “zagharit” – a shrill trill practiced by women in North-Africa and the “Middle East”. Mark Andre’s (*1964) latest ensemble piece “rwḥ 1” closes the concert by embracing the audience in a spatial setup. The Aramaen word “ruach” denotes a range of terms such as wind, air, breath, fragrance, intensity, and spirit, pointing at the genuinely spiritual world of Andre’s musical exegesis.


Heiner Goebbels
N°20/58 (2019)
for bagpipe solo

Philip Glass
Two Pages (1968)
for piano, transferred for bagpipe

Éliane Radigue
Occam XXVII (2019)
for bagpipe solo

for 12 performers
Berlin Edition (2020)
World premiere
Myriam Van Imschoot composition & conductor, in collaboration with Anissa Rouas

Mark Andre
rwḥ 1
for ensemble and electronics (2019)


Erwan Keravec bagpipe
Geraldine Foucault stage manager

Melika Akbariasl, Raghad Alshikh, Forough Fami, Anna Fitoussi, Fatma Gul, Zeina Hanna, Nina Laçin, Nancy Naser Al Deen, Anissa Rouas, Salma Salem, Myriam Van Imschoot, Litó Walkey performers

Ensemble Resonanz
Johannes Fischer conductor
Sebastian Schottke sound direction

In collaboration with Ev. Kirchengemeinde St. Petri – St. Marien.
Philip Glass, Two pages, © 1968 Dunvagen Music Publishers Inc. Used by Permission.