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The Long Now

The 2020 edition could not take place.

30 Hours Kraftwerk Berlin
Curated by Berno Odo Polzer, Laurens von Oswald and Harry Glass

This is the sixth edition of The Long Now, a 30-hour durational project at Kraftwerk Berlin and an invitation to forget time and space and to surrender oneself to a physical and artistic borderline experience.

The Long Now 2018

The Long Now 2018

© Berliner Festspiele, photo: Camille Blake

In the spirit of sustainability, please bring your own cup.

The Long Now is a place for the continuing present. A space in which time itself can unfurl and senses of time can dilate into as yet uncharted patterns. With a duration of 30 hours, the project invites visitors to detach from the clocked pace of urban life and indulge in this chronosphere. The Long Now is the closing event of MaerzMusik − Festival for Time Issues 2020. Embedded in the monumental setting of Kraftwerk Berlin, concerts, performances, electronic live-acts, sound and video installations form a large-scale composition in time and space. Embracing musical worlds from Andean indigenous music to the musical avant-garde, from minimal and ambient music to experimental electronics and noise, this sixth edition of the event offers sonic and bodily experiences of an exceptional kind. Visitors are welcome to spend the entire duration in the power plant, sleep over, or come and go. Beds will be provided.


Iannis Xenakis
for 6 percussionists (1969)

Carmine Emanuelle Cella
for 6 percussionists with smart instruments (2019)
Les Percussions de Strasbourg

for voices and indigenous instruments
Orquesta Experimental de Instrumentos Nativos (OEIN)

for 12 performers
Berlin Edition (2020)
Myriam Van Imschoot composition & conductor
in collaboration with Anissa Rouas

Phill Niblock
for string quartet and fixed medium (2011/17)

Disseminate as Five String Quartets
for string quartet and fixed medium (2017)

Quatuor Bozzini
Clemens Merkel, violin
Stéphanie Bozzini, violin
Isabelle Bozzini, viola
Alissa Cheung, cello

Moritz von Oswald
presents: Metameric 1.2
Works of Iannis Xenakis
Rebonds A
Rebonds B
Prodromos Symeonidis piano
Adam Weisman percussion

as well as
Lea Bertucci
Oliver Coates
CV & JAB (Christina Vantzou + John Also Bennett)
Rafael Anton Irisarri
Tujiko Noriko
Konrad Sprenger

Funded by the Capital Cultural Funds.

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In cooperation with Berlin Atonal
With the support of Kraftwerk Berlin