Performance installation
Rituals of Care

Antonija Livingstone and Nadia Lauro: les études (hérésies 1-7)

Via the intersection of performance and visual arts practices, Antonija Livingstone and Nadia Lauro stage a queer symposium for rare presence and endangered practice – a visit to a chimeric library with caretaker kin.

Antonija Livingstone and Nadia Lauro, les études (hérésies 1–7), 2016

Antonija Livingstone and Nadia Lauro, les études (hérésies 1–7), 2016

Photo: Géraldine Perrier

  • Free admission, limited capacity (first come, first served)

  • No late admission!

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For the duration of a storm, we take refuge together in a serene nomadic habitat. A wyrd assembly of friends, guest artists and creatures welcome an intimate public surround to join forces in listening and reflecting upon the dissident potential of the slow, the polyphonic and other unfashionable gestures.

“Polyphony speaks of the coexistence of a plurality of voices and sounds that can also be understood in a text or in an extra textual situation. The vitality of polyphony as a phenomenon is that the voices do not fuse into a single consciousness or drone but exist on different registers generating a dynamism among themselves. It is not merely a heterogeneity but some other angle at which voices are juxtaposed and counter-posed which generates something beyond themselves. Each one of these voices exists in an indirect dialogue with other voices, allowing other voices to add to a pre-existing entity, a polyphony of reciprocal, celebratory and displaced voices, exchanges wherein all the interlocutors involved may become changed in their meeting.” — Mikhail Bakhtin

Antonija Livingstone operates at the intersection of performance and plastic arts where she has developed a manifold collaborative and feminist art practice. Her work has been commissioned by and shown in diverse contexts internationally including HAU Hebbel am Ufer, Berlin; Museum of Art, Rio de Janeiro; Museum of Modern Art, Warsaw; MAI and Agora, Montreal; American Realness, New York City and Fierce Festival, Birmingham.

Nadia Lauro works as a visual artist and set designer across various contexts including scenic spaces, landscape architectures, museums. Lauro has collaborated with a range of international choreographers, such as Vera Mantero, Benoît Lachambre, Emmanuelle Huynh, Alain Buffard, Latifa Laabissi, Antonia Baehr and Jennifer Lacey.

An original commission from Festival d’Automne à Paris for a site specific work at Menagerie de Verre, Paris in 2015. Original prototype developed with students from Glasgow School of Art.
In collaboration with Stephen Thompson
Guest Artists: Mich Cota, Malik Nashad Sharpe, An Thorne, Elpida Orfanidou and Winnipeg Monbijou
Storm Design: Brendan Dougherty
Production: Ben Pryor