Sound sculpture
Rituals of Care

Bill Fontana: Landscape Soundings

Landscape Soundings, a sound sculpture by artist Bill Fontana, will be played in the atrium in-between the performance events throughout the duration of the series Rituals of Care. Two distinct works can be heard in alternation.

Photo: Bill Fontana (2019)

Past Dates

The first work, Landscape Soundings Revisited, was created for the 1990 Vienna Festival and brought the live sounds of an ancient Danube Wetland to the heart of the city. The version conceived for the Gropius Bau features a compositional reflection on the large data-base of recordings from the 1990 project, a time marked by the fall of the Berlin Wall when the Gropius Bau was at the beginning of a rebirth. The second work, Landscape Sounding River Echoes, is made from a recent recording of a cluster of giant sequoia trees near the Kaweah River in Sequoia National Park, California. The vibration sensors (accelerometers) are mounted on these ancient trees to pick up the rhythmic energy and resonating echoes of the moving river across the landscape.

Bill Fontana is an American composer who uses sound as a sculptural medium. Exhibitions include the Whitney Museum of American Art, New York City; the Art History and Natural History Museums, Vienna; Tate Modern and Tate Britain, London and the 48th Venice Biennale. From 13 March 2020 Bill Fontana can be seen and heard with the solo exhibition Primal Energies at the Kunsthaus Graz and the re-enactment Sonic Projections in Graz. Further information can be found  here.