Visiting : Wien/Stuttgart

Klangforum Wien, Neue Vocalsolisten Stuttgart

Emilio Pomàrico, conductor
Saunders | Aperghis

This concert will now take place on 4 September and its programme has been split into two concerts at 17:00 and at 21:00. As a result, already purchased tickets are no longer valid.
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Magic City, Paris 1903

Magic City, Paris 1903

© Steve Hardiman

Past Dates

They are both at the very forefront when it comes to contemporary ensemble music: Klangforum Wien for the instrumental challenges, Neue Vocalsolisten Stuttgart for the vocal ones. Both groups were founded by and for musicians who want to create optimal performance conditions for new and most recent works. Both ensembles have collaborated in numerous concerts, performances and musical theatre projects. Now they have commissioned a work intended to sound out the capabilities of both ensembles and to consider the personality of each of their members. Georges Aperghis is familiar with both groups from various joint projects. He composed the tensions between the individual and groups, pairs and rivals, their erosion and their internal magnetism. “We walk alone or together, we climb the mountain, our different music accompanies us day and night, we reach the summit, then…” The work is structured as a multitude of chamber music movements in a wide range of small and larger combinations of artists.

The programme of Klangforum and Vocalsolisten will mark one of the main lines running through the programme of the festival: works by 2019 Siemens-Prize winner Rebecca Saunders. In “Scar”, the composer works chiefly with opposites, and in her case this means: with extreme contrasts. Both at the centre of the stage and of the compositional concept are two grand pianos. What they do finds its answer and extension in accordion and electric guitar, in various percussive instruments and in a group each of wind instruments and strings. They provide the protagonists with resonances, lingering and returning sounds which develop an increasing momentum of their own.

Concert Programme

Rebecca Saunders (*1967)
for 16 soloists and conductor (2018/19)

Georges Aperghis (*1945)
Le cours de la vie (The Way of Life)
for 6 voices and ensemble (2019)

Commissioned by Musik der Jahrhunderte Stuttgart and Klangforum Wien
funded by Ernst von Siemens Musikstiftungg    Ernst von Siemens Musikstiftung

World premiere

The concerts dedicated to Rebecca Saunders on 29.8., 2.9., 7.9. and 9.9.2020 are funded by means of the Capital City Cultural Fund and the Aventis Foundation.

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