Memories to Choke on, Drinks to Wash Them Down

Film still from “Memories to Choke on, Drinks to Wash Them Down”. Film still

Sundays for Hong Kong II

Memories to Choke on, Drinks to Wash Them Down

HK 2019, digital
Directed by Leung Ming-Kai, Kate Reilly

German premiere

Dear Audience, It is with great regret that we have to inform you that the event has to be cancelled due to the current developments connected with the spreading of the Corona virus.

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  • 78 min
  • In Cantonese and English with English subtitles

Four stories (three fictional, one documentary) show how fiction and fact, humour and drama, the personal and political are complementary facets of the same ever-fascinating, complex, challenging realities that constitute Hong Kong. An intrepid domestic worker from Indonesia wisely guides her aging but energetic elderly charge on a deceptively circuitous outing. In a nostalgia-purveying toyshop, two twenty-something brothers retrieve fragmented memories of their youth. Two young professional teachers – a savvy local man, and a foreign woman fascinated by Hong Kong food delights – immerse themselves in a shared discovery of HK culture. A politically engaged barista-cum-actress decides to run in the hotly contested 2019 elections. Leung Ming-kai and Kate Reilly's ambitious structural gambit results in a work that delights and gently provokes. With deceptive lightness and elegance, their film plumbs the tensions and contradictions that underlie and activate Hong Kong's predicament today.
(IFFR International Film Festival Rotterdam)

Leung Ming Kai primarily works as a cinematographer. He has shot more than a dozen celebrated features in different parts of the world, including “Murmur of the Hearts” (2015), “Old Stone” (2015) and “By the Time It Gets Dark” (2016). Kai has also directed several short films. “Three Boys” (2007) won the top prize at the Hong Kong Independent Film & Video Awards and represented the Philippines in competition at Clermont-Ferrand Short Film Festival. “Lock” (2007, starring co-director Kate Reilly) was a selection of the Tribeca Film Festival.

Kate Reilly worked as an actor before moving into writing and directing. In New York, she performed with experimental theater group Polybe + Seats. Kate wrote and performed live comedy, and played Dorothy in improvised episodes of the sitcom “Golden Girls”. She has divided her time between the States and Hong Kong since 2008, and has acted for international filmmakers including Anocha Suwichakornpong, John Magary and Leung Ming Kai.