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Encounter with Maestra Laura Lopez-Sanchez

Detailed leaf skeleton

Detailed leaf skeleton

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Maestra Laura Lopez-Sanchez, eldest daughter of Maestra Ynes and Maestro David, is part of a Shipibo family of healers who live and work in the Ucayali region, in the Amazon jungle of Eastern Peru, where they are building Niwe Rao Xobo, a traditional Shipibo medicinal plant healing center. Maestra Laura’s Shipibo Name is Chononyavi, “Princess with the Power of Light”. From an early age, Maestra Laura has been deeply immersed in the world of plant medicine. She was been given small plant diets by her grandparents from the age of 10 years and by the age of 16 began her apprenticeship to learn about ayahuasca. At 20, Laura traveled throughout Peru with Ynes, sharing medicinal plants and ayahuasca ceremonies for local Peruvians. She has also worked extensively with her mother, both in Peru and abroad. She brings an incredible wealth of knowledge that has been passed down for generations in her family line. Laura works closely with her sister, Lila, and both have dedicated their time to sharing their medicine with the wider community. Laura is known for her beautiful ikaros (medicine songs) that pour out of her with love and devotion to each of her patients.