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Whaddya mean, you’re not listening?

Detailed leaf skeleton

Detailed leaf skeleton

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Let’s assume we’re always listening. Even when we think there is nothing to listen to, somehow listening is still happening. Though often portrayed as an activity requiring undivided attention, let’s not be fooled: listening takes place through a myriad of modes, as so many entangled activities emerging at the nexus of the ear, the brain, culture and society. It can assume strange, paradoxical forms, such as the listening that surreptitiously tracks the music wallpapering the background without it becoming an object of conscious focus, or the inner listening to the soundtrack playing back in your head that entrains your gait and changes your mood, or the hallucinatory listening primed by language, that psychedelically manifests perceptions that recode reality. Over three 3-hour sessions, the workshop proposes exercises, texts and sounds to collectively take stock of the array of modes by which we sonically encounter the world in all its effervescence.


Lendl Barcelos (CAN) and Marc Couroux (CAN)