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Chaos, the Origin of Time and Future Narratives

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Getting to the bottom of the origin of time, one comes across a qualitative nothingness that contains the possibility of becoming everything. In Greek mythology, this non-being was described as chaos, which can be translated as ‚gaping emptiness‘. According to this narrative time brought order, stringency and continuity to the world. It not only gave rise to the idea of history and progress, but also to the idea of a future. Time arranges our existence and thus our understanding of the world. To take a look at the idea of chaos means to rest the time for a moment and to let the possibility of a different order and time appear. In the workshops we want to deal with the potential of chaos. In three steps we will get to the bottom of the originality of chaos (23.03.2020), the regulative function of time (24.03.2020) and the meaning of future narratives for the present (27.03.2020).

The Institute for Chaos is a Berlin based event space for art and science. Lectures and performances are given on alternating topics every year. The institute has set itself the task, to make science and research accessible for a broader audience beyond the university context. It aims to offer young artists and researchers the possibility to present their work in public.
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