Sound performance

Noise from the outside


Part of We’ll be making lots of noise

As part of the educational project We’ll be making lots of noise, Gropius Bau presents the all-day sound performance rECoNStrUcTIVe devised by electronic musician LUPUS. The work focuses on the interplay of „natural“ sound landscapes and „artificial“ intelligences resulting in a creatively (re-)constructive tension.

Photo: LUPUS

  • 9 hours
  • In English, German and French
  • Open for all ages

Past Dates

Under the heading of Noise from the outside, different artists of the project We’ll be making lots of noise create educational projects concerned with the exploration of the sound and noise landscapes surrounding us.

On this occasion, Gropius Bau also invited the electronic music composer LUPUS to develop a piece as part of his 6-month internship within the project We’ll be making lots of noise. The outcome of this process is rECoNStrUcTIVe, a work that deploys LUPUS’s audiovisual landscapes for the visitors to interact with.

For the all-day sound performance rECoNStrUcTIVe, LUPUS works reconstructively with field recordings meaning that each composition is based on a spatial sound recording. The 16 resulting compositions are then used for LUPUS to improvise with using two artificial intelligences.