Guernica in Sand

Lee Mingwei

The five-hour performance Guernica in Sand is part of Lee Mingwei’s eponymous installation, which is on view in the atrium of the Gropius Bau. Created using 28 tonnes of sand, Lee’s monumental work offers a ritual for transforming both historical and personal trauma.

Lee Mingwei, Guernica in Sand, 2006/2020

Lee Mingwei, Guernica in Sand, 2006/2020

Photo: Laura Fiorio

Past Dates

The point of departure for this work is one of the most iconic artworks in the Western modernist tradition, Guernica (1937) by Pablo Picasso (1881–1973), which Lee Mingwei recreated in sand. In the first part of the performance, visitors chosen in advance by lottery are invited to walk across the sand painting one after another, altering the image with their footsteps. In the second part, performers brush the sand together with bamboo brooms. Emphasis is placed on transforming rather than destroying the cubist image. Guernica in Sand is an artwork that is open to the transformative possibilities of change.

Information for visitors
Due to social distancing and hygiene regulations, viewing Lee Mingwei’s performance Guernica in Sand on 4 July 2020 in the atrium of the Gropius Bau is only possible with a free online ticket, booked in advance. The tickets are valid for a viewing period of 30 minutes of the five-hour performance. They are available in the  online shop from 24 June at 18:00. A maximum of two tickets per booking. Please arrive shortly before the start of your advanced ticket slot to the Südplatz, behind the Gropius Bau, to ensure timely entry (eg. for 11:45 tickets, please arrive at 11:40). There will be no late admittance. Between slots the viewing space must be cleaned, thank you for your cooperation in leaving the space swiftly to enable this procedure. If you would also like to visit Lee Mingwei’s solo exhibition 禮 Li, Gifts and Rituals, please book an  exhibition ticket online.