Jazz at Berlin Philharmonic

The 30th Edition

Piano Night
Wollny | Rantala | Helbock

For the 30th edition of “Jazz at Berlin Philharmonic”, the three pianists David Helbock (Austria), Iiro Rantala (Finland) and Michael Wollny (Germany) will get together – as soloists, as duos on two pianos and finally as a trio on three instruments. This evening will be a very personal homage of jazz to Ludwig van Beethoven: full of virtuosity, emotion, wit, groove and disarming, genre-crossing musicality.

Film Still from Hans Richter, “Vormittagsspuk”, 1928

Film Still from Hans Richter, “Vormittagsspuk”, 1928

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For the 30th concert in the “Jazz at Berlin Philharmonic” series, two pianists with whom the series started in 2012 will honour us again with their presence: Michael Wollny and Iiro Rantala of Germany and Finland, respectively - promising young talents at the time, and today established stars on the European jazz scene and the public faces of jazz in their countries. The third player is the Austrian David Helbock, who, like Wollny and Rantala, is also at home in classical music. They too will concentrate in the Beethoven year on the consummate master of the First Viennese School in their own way; with spontaneous interpretations on his works, they will evoke the composer, acclaimed in his day as improviser on the piano.

Concert Programme

Iiro Rantala – solo

David Helbock – solo

Duo Rantala / Helbock – a Beethoven adaptation

Michael Wollny – solo

Duo Rantala / Wollny – adaptation of “For Elise” (Beethoven)

Duo Wollny / Helbock – “Polygon” (Wollny)

Trio Helbock / Rantala / Wollny – adaptation of “Ode to Joy” (Beethoven)


Michael Wollny piano
Iiro Rantala piano
David Helbock piano

Siggi Loch curator

An Berliner Philharmoniker Foundation event in cooperation with Berliner Festspiele / Musikfest Berlin.