Revolverkino at the Gropius Bau

What is Landscape?

With films by Virgil Widrich & Martin Reinhart, Hannes Lang and Miklós Jancsó

What is landscape? Perhaps: impacted nature or even “paranature”, but in a context beyond our reach, beyond our spatial and temporal control. The word “landscape” provokes not only the question of how to define it, but invariably how to present, capture or film it as well. As the films in this programme demonstrate, answers to these questions vary widely.

Still from “Tx-Reverse”

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Friday, 11.9.20, 19:00
What is Landscape?
With films by Hannes Lang, Amie Siegel and Joanna Hogg

Virgil Widrich and Martin Reinhart’s experimental film Tx-Reverse (Berlin premiere) swaps space for time, discovering “impossible” landscapes between images. Peak by Hannes Lang portrays landscape as product and “leisure” as a concept consuming time and the world. Miklós Jancsó’s SZEGÉNYLEGÉNYEK (The Round-Up) employs an expansive cinematic language in its portrayal of an absurd theatre of power. Based on an imperial (Hungarian) military concentration camp system from the 1860s – erected to deal with remnants of rebellious resistance – Jancsó ingeniously intertwines questions of power and space.

R: Virgil Widrich & Martin Reinhart, AT 2019, 5 min., no dialogue

R: Hannes Lang, DE 2011, 126 min., German, Italian, French with German subtitles

SZEGÉNYLEGÉNYEK (Die Hoffnungslosen)
R: Miklos Jancsó, Hungary, 90 min., Hungarian with English subtitles

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