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Down to Earth

Der urbane Meeresdachgarten – maritime Lebensmittelproduktion trotzt dem Klimawandel

Andreas Frädrich

Andreas Frädrich runs an urban marine roof garden: on the roof of the Goerzwerk in Berlin-Lichterfelde his planting includes coastal varieties that tolerate high degrees of sunshine and wind.

  • 40 min
  • In German

Past Dates

Andreas Frädrich is a plant scenographer, utopian and landscape gardener. He became known throughout Germany in 2015 as the “plant saviour”. Frädrich has been in charge of gardening for television series, art projects and event locations and, over the past two years, has rented out replantable Christmas trees in Berlin, resulting in a new coniferous forest. Frädrich is also a sea gardener: in The Hague he is developing the Hanging Garden, hovering metres high over the North Sea; he runs Germany's only sea garden on Sylt; and he is the operator of the urban sea roof garden (an offset salt marsh landscape) in Berlin-Lichterfelde. Frädrich’s work creates “moving landscapes”, which he realizes in temporary or permanent “plant holodecks”, because he believes that plants, too, must become more mobile due to changing climate conditions.