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Down to Earth

Die Erhaltung des Waldes und das Schicksal der Menschen

Susanne Winter

Forests rely on an intact animal world and vice versa. The forest scientist Susanne Winter talks about this interdependence, which has important consequences for protecting the climate: because without animals, forests lose the ability to store carbon.

  • 40 min
  • In German

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“The vast majority of all land animals live in forests and depend on them. But this dependence is reciprocal: Forests depend on an intact animal world which fulfils vital functions for them, such as pollinating and spreading tree seeds. And without animals, forests’ ability to store carbon declines. It is precisely the tree species that are important for climate protection which are at risk of being lost without animals”. Prof. Dr. Susanne Winter has a doctorate in forestry and has been working for WWF Germany (World Wide Fund for Nature) since 2016, where she is head of the Forest Programme. Prior to this, she spent about 20 years in forest research with a focus on ecological forest management to maintain climate protection performance and biodiversity.