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Down to Earth

Die Waldapotheke – heilkräftige Bäume und Kräuter

Dorothea Schwierskott

For Dorothea Schwierskott, healing, health and the preservation of nature are inextricably linked. As a qualified alternative practitioner, she is keen to pass on her knowledge of local healing herbs and the importance of preserving local plants and trees.

  • 40 min
  • In German

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Dorothea Schwierskott is a trained alternative practitioner and head of professional training at the Heilpraktikerverband Bayern. She studied agricultural science with a focus on organic farming. Since 2007, she has been imparting her knowledge of medicinal herbs, of the importance of preserving regional plants and of trees as medicinal plants in guided tours and hikes. Dorothea Schwierskott’s activities are based on the assumption that successful healing and the preservation of health are only possible with the help of nature and its resources. Since the necessary healing plants depend on sustainable agriculture, the combination of her two areas of expertise is essential.