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Down to Earth

Labor für Kunst und nachhaltige Bildung: Weltretten mit Spaß

Carla Schulte-Fischedick

Carla Schulte-Fischedick runs the Laboratory for Art and Sustainable Education LaKunaBi and connects the sustainability scene: her work as an influencer in the fields of education, art and activism is aimed at inspiring people to live and behave in ways that save resources and are fairer to the environment.

  • 40 min
  • In German

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Carla Schulte-Fischedick is a networker and facilitator for ecological sustainability and a blogger and activist of everyday life. For this purpose, she runs the Labor für Kunst und nachhaltige Bildung [laboratory for art and sustainable education], LaKunaBi. As a facilitator, Schulte-Fischedick is constantly trying to find out how to inspire as many people as possible to live and act more environmentally friendly. Her sustainable activities include resource-efficient living without shame, furniture transport by handcart in the subway, food rescue from conference buffets, kayak garbage fishing on the canals of Venice, constructive questioning of decision makers based on non-violent communication, networking between different spheres in offline and online conferences, kitchen gardening with compost worms, participation in analogue and digital repair cafés, engagement against planned obsolescence as well as divestment by switching one’s bank account, insurance and mail account to more sustainable options.