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Tiny House Workshop: Einfach Bauen

Joschka Härdtner, Kay Andrees, Gudrun Mattke, Mirko Hahn

Simple, direct, local and sustainable – build the “Tiny Simple” with us: a fully-insulated Tiny House that people can stay, work and live in. We will build it on site, without using any electricity. We don’t need cordless screwdrivers, instead we will use hand tools and traditional carpentry techniques. Instead of screws we will make timber joints to hold the beams of the frame together. We don’t use paint because the façade and the timber roof are flamed. The “Tiny Simple” is the latest Tiny House model from the Tiny Collective: elegant, solid, manageable.

  • 6 h
  • In German

Deadline for workshop applications for the following building week:
6.8., 13.8., 20.8., 27.8., 3.9.2020

The Tiny Collective is looking for people who are interested in a group workshop from 13.8. to 13.9.2020 to build a Tiny House together on the Südplatz at the Gropius Bau – under the guidance of experienced workshop leaders. The workshop starts with a lecture by Joschka Härdtner (13.08.2020, 12:30), and end finishes with a lecture followed by a christening of the freshly completed Tiny House (13.9.2020, 17:30).

Joschka Härdtner is part of the Tiny Collective, which designs and collectively builds tiny houses. Based on the question of how a common, meaningful goal can connect people of different origins and beyond their attributions, Härdtner pursues a philosophical activism that initiates transformations by connecting theoretical and practical approaches. In this way, he seeks to question the artificially drawn boundaries between discourse and practice or communication subject and object. In addition, Härdtner calls for more recycling of building materials – because even eco-insulation material still comes packed in plastic.

Kay Andrees is a freelance carpenter and carriage builder. In the 1990s, he was involved in the construction of the first ecological low-energy houses. Since 2010, he has been developing tiny houses in ecological construction. With over 40 tiny houses built, Andrees is one of the most experienced forces in the network of the Tiny Collective. He co-designed the open source tiny houses “Tiny You”, “Tiny Globe” and “Tiny Simple” and is involved in the development of houseboats and converts the expansion of caravans and campers. Since ecological building enables a healthier life, Andrees’ goal is to ensure that future generations will not be burdened with the hazardous waste of the houses we build today.