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Down to Earth

Bauen ist politisch – Zur Idee demokratischen Bauens

Joschka Härdtner

Joschka Härdtner is part of the Tiny Collective that designs and collectively builds Tiny Houses – including here as part of “Down to Earth”. Their priorities are local, collective and sustainable construction.

  • 30 min
  • In German

Past Dates

The Tiny Collective is looking for people who are interested in a group workshop from 13.08. to 13.09.2020 to build a Tiny House together on the Südplatz at the Gropius Bau – under the guidance of experienced workshop leaders.

Joschka Härdtner is part of the Tiny Collective, which designs and collectively builds tiny houses. Based on the question of how a common, meaningful goal can connect people of different origins and beyond their attributions, Härdtner pursues a philosophical activism that initiates transformations by connecting theoretical and practical approaches. In this way, he seeks to question the artificially drawn boundaries between discourse and practice or communication subject and object. In addition, Härdtner calls for more recycling of building materials – because even eco-insulation material still comes packed in plastic.