Talk / Avtonomi Akadimia
Down to Earth

Avtonomi Akadimia – Academy of Transformation

Indigenous Forms of Knowledge

Thomas Oberender in conversation with Joulia Strauss

On the occasion of the activist Avtonomi Akadimia, which takes place for the first time in Berlin, its founder Joulia Strauss and Thomas Oberender meet for a discussion. In a thirty-day ceremony, indigenous activists are commemorated with sculptures, actions, lectures and workshops.

  • 30 min
  • In German and English

Past Dates

Avtonomi Akadimia – founded and organised by Joulia Strauss – can usually be found in the Akadimia Platonos, the public garden in Athens where Plato taught almost 2,500 years ago. Avtonomi Akadimia will take place in Berlin for the first time, within the exhibition. In various workshops and lectures, shamans, masters and curanderos, climate scientists, philosophers and artists will hybridise contradictory forms of knowledge and generate an indigenised academy as the down-to-earth of the European educational system.

Avtonomi Akadimia:
Organisation, communication, research assistant – Tania Hron
Costume designer – Kristina Weiß-Busch
Upcycling-artist – Gabi Bartels
Dress maker – Nina Janßen-Braje
Drawings – Anastasia Efstathiadi, Antigone Theodorou, Raha Amiri, Marc Müller
Sculptural restoration – Juliane Köthe, Mareike Zahn
Shipibo embroideries – Isabel Franquines Bardales, Dorcas Maynas Romayna, Emilda Sanchez Barbaran, Keila Rojas Martinez
Social Media – Anastasia Efstathiadi