Otobong Nkanga: Family Workshop

Part of the exhibition Otobong Nkanga: There’s No Such Thing as Solid Ground

“Drawing can be the first approach to thinking about a work or an exhibition. It can start with quick sketches or drawing directly in space,” says artist Otobong Nkanga. Based on Nkanga’s approach, the workshop will try out different techniques of sketching and drawing.

Photo: Laura Fiorio

  • 120 min
  • In German

Past Dates

Together we will encounter installations, sound and textile works. We sharpen our awareness of our bodies in space and translate our impressions onto paper and cardboard. We make sketches in the exhibition, which we then seek to expand with colour and texture. We work with graphite, coal, chalk and sand. We ask questions, examine materials and their stories. What can a landscape tell us? What does it mean to have solid ground beneath you? What can a place look like where people feel welcome? What materials surround me in my everyday life, and how did they come to be here? What gaps have they left elsewhere? Which lines do I move along, which traces do I leave behind?