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Tomomi Adachi – Portrait

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Tomomi Adachi

Tomomi Adachi

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Past Dates

Japanese composer and performer Tomomi Adachi not only works in the field of experimental music, but also in improvisation, poetry, theatre, visual arts and community art. MaerzMusik presents a wide spectrum of his activities:

performances for the body and electronics which use sensory instruments and systems that he developed and built himself, conceptual compositions for amateur players and professional instrumentalists, as well as virtuoso vocalist interpretations of selected works by John Cage and the Dadaist Hugo Ball.
Tomomi Adachi’s works are humorous and sometimes violent. Adachi concentrates on visual elements in music and tensions between conceptual ideas and physical existence.

Hugo Ball
Gadji Beri Bimba (1916)
Tomomi Adachi
Minna no Uta (Song for Everyone)
für 10 Stimmperformer und Turntables (1995)
Why You Scratch Me, Not Slap?
für Gitarre mit Videoprojektion (2011)
John Cage
Sixty-two Mesostics re Merce Cunningham
Lesung in Auszügen (1971)
Tomomi Adachi
Improvisation with Self-Made Instruments
Solo Performance
Voice and Infrared Sensor Shirt
Solo Performance (2004–2011)

Tomomi Adachi, performance / electronics
Joke Lanz, turntables
Seth Josel, guitar