Down to Earth

Landing – Murmuration

Shelley Etkin

Shelley Etkin offers a group practice that works with people’s relationships to land through imaginative journeying.

  • 1 h
  • In English

Past Dates

During this workshop, participants are invited into a process of landing. As a shift away from the territory of nouns into a mode of living in verbs, landing is an ongoing movement. From the premise that bodies and lands are all continually landing, we enter their sphere of shared imagination through which communication may take place.

Laying on the grounds of “Velvet”, participants will take part of a journey with their eyes closed and their mouths moving. Through an initial guided meditation, a group murmuration is invited in which participants speak continually and simultaneously about their experiences. Questions will be infused throughout and journeys may meet, crossover, and diverge from one another. A felt-sense practice in acknowledging our shared presence on this land and the multiple lands carried within each body.

No particular background is needed other than the willingness to listen and engage in the speaking practice.