Live work
Down to Earth

Spells for the Future

Ingrid Mueller-Farny, Shelley Etkin, Maria F. Scaroni, Claire Vivianne Sobottke

“Spells for the Future” is a space, where guests of the exhibition can have a one-to-one encounter with Ingrid Mueller-Farny, Shelley Etkin, Maria F. Scaroni or Claire Vivianne Sobottke.

  • 1 h 30 min
  • In German and English

Past Dates

“Spells for the future” invites you to spend time in the garden of “Velvet”. Here you can have a one on one encounter with Ingrid Mueller-Farny (individual consultations), Shelley Etkin (landing), Maria F. Scaroni (oracle dances) and Claire Vivianne Sobottke (igniting the fire) . Claire Vivianne Sobotte recently spent time in the woods and learned how to make fire without using matches or a lighter. Almost in silence, we will sharpen our knives, we will prepare the wood, and we will create sparks to make a fire. You are invited to ask a question about the future, to take time, to practice igniting a fire or to think about your relationship to land and to lie on the earth.