MPS Revisited: The New Dave Pike Set

feat. Michael Sagmeister and the Christoph Spendel Trio

Past Dates

Before meeting bass player Hans Rettenbacher and jamming with Volker Kriegel and Peter Baumeister in Frankfurt’s Jazzkeller vibraphonist Dave Pike worked the Berlin Jazz-Galerie, a well-known club at the time. Their first album on the MPS label was called The Dave Pike Set! Noisy Silence-Gentle Noise. Following a groove revival instigated by the emergence of acid jazz in the 90s the group got unexpectedly back into fashion. The New Dave Pike Set with Christoph Spendel and Michael Sagmeister is a guarantee for the Most Perfect Set!


Dave Pike vibes
Christoph Spendel piano
Michael Sagmeister guitar
André Nendza bass
Kurt Billker drums