Cage & Consequences

John Cage und die Folgen / Cage & Consequences

International Symposium

Reading John Cage / Performing John Cage /
Composing after Cage / Cage and the Arts

  • In English and German with simultaneous translation

Past Dates

A scientific symposium brings together international representatives of Cage research with renowned artists, composers and companions of Cage’s. Its aim is to open up the academic discourse and confront aesthetic and philological questions, as well as those with a historical influence, with experiences in artistic and practical aspects of contemporary reality.

The Reading Cage category offers a forum for analytical and source critical portrayals, while Performing Cage reflects upon the issue of performance practice in an altered historical setting. Cage and the Arts broaches the topic of Cage’s approach to the synthesis of art and Cage’s reception in intermedia and media art. Finally, the Composing after Cage category is devoted to the challenge of contemporary composition following or in opposition to Cage.

Volker Straebel (TU Berlin) / Julia H. Schröder (FU Berlin), concept and direction

Tomomi Adachi / Thomas Ahrend / David Bernstein / Eberhard Blum / Hans-Friedrich Bormann / Nic Collins / Peter Cusack / Dieter Daniels / Bill Dietz / Don Gillespie / Rolf Grossmann / Wulf Herzogenrath / John Holzaepfel / Gabriele Knapstein / Brandon LaBelle / Helga de la Motte-Haber / Claus-Steffen Mahnkopf / Chris Mann / Gordon Mumma / David Patterson / Rainer Riehn / Michael Pisaro / Sabine Sanio / Dieter Schnebel / Christian Wolff

In collaboration with Technische Universität Berlin – Fachgebiet Audiokommunikation, Freie Universität Berlin – Sfb 626 »Ästhetische Erfahrung im Zeichen der Entgrenzung der Künste« and DAAD: Berlin Artists-in-Residence programme.
Funded by The Ernst von Siemens Music Foundation