Bill Frisell Trio

Past Dates

For twenty years Bill Frisell has been reinventing the jazz guitar in adapting well-tried traditions to jazz. On his album Nashville (1997) for instance he has been combining jazz with – guess what(!) – country music. In the beginning of the 90s his trio with Joey Baron and Kermit Driscoll rose to international fame. Coming from there he continues likewise with Jenny Scheinman and Greg Leisz. Both have been part in Frisell’s The Intercontinentals project. Jenny Scheinman’s violin playing is influenced by klezmer, jazzrock, modern music and improvisation. Greg Leisz likes to be associated with his slide-, lap- and pedal-steel guitar and as an all-round studio ‘handyman’.


Bill Frisell guitar
Jenny Scheinman violin
Greg Leisz pedal steel + slide guitar